Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby on the brain!

Everything I do now I am doing for our baby! It is crazy how much things change when you are living for someone else! Words can't describe how I feel! I try to explain to my husband but he doesnt understand, lol. Eveything I eat, drink, read..... EVERYTHING I do is for our baby! Baby is on the brain and I dont see it leaving anytime soon! I have already read What to Expect When you Expecting, joined 2 mommy EDD December Clubs, and just finished reading Belly Laughs ( which by the way is a hilarious read and I encourage everyone to read it). I just love reading about my baby's development day by day and reading and hearing other womens stories of their pregnancy. In a wierd way, you feel like you have an unspoken bond with these women even though you dont know one thing about them besides the fact that they are pregnant and are due around the time you are due! It's nice to have other women to talk to and share things with that sometimes everyone else doesnt want to hear or is sick of hearing :) It's all baby talk, and I eat up every sentence of it!

WTE makes your babies growth fun too. Who doesnt love comparing there baby to the size of a fruit?! As I am writing this I am in my 12th week pf pregnancy ( 11 wks and 1 day ) and my baby has graduated from a lime to a large plum this week! Yay for large plums!

Large Plum in all and I  am patiently waiting for my bump- although I have been extremly bloated like a fatty since I have found out- I want my REAL bump already!

Here are some pictures of me at 5 weeks and one of me in my 11th week!
And remember I may look fat, but I'm fat and happy with a baby in my belly :)

                                                                    5 weeks
                                                                   11 weeks

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