Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bust a move :)

We had our second ultrasound done and it was amazing! We were so shocked to see how much baby Posey has changed in just 4 weeks. The baby actually looked human, with the most adorable profile ( of course the cutest we have ever laid eyes on ).

Here is the appointment in a nutt shell :

I laid down on the table, pulled up my shirt and here came the warm gel. Round and round she pressed on my tummy with the wand showing us all the different parts and views of our sweet baby.And boy, let me know tell you, if this ultrasound was just a sneek peak into our future, we are going to have a very active baby on our hands. The baby was kicking, waving hello to mommy and daddy, and even drinking its own pee ( cute, huh?!?). Kevin could not believe the baby was moving around so much , he even asked the lady if that was really the baby moving , lol.  Of course, since we have such a busy bean on our hands, we could not get the correct measurements we needed, but our sonographer assured us baby Posey looked great and that we have a beautiful umbilical cord ( whatever that means ). Everytime we see our miracle we fall more in love. I knew pregnancy was going to be one amazing journey, but never did I expect something this wonderful!

Here are some pictures from the ultrasound -- May 27, 2011 12 weeks 4 days

long legs like daddy :)

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  1. Love the blog! It's so fun reading about other people's pregnancy when they're happening right along with yours :)

    Isn't it amazing how much of a miracle you realize it is when you see that baby on the ultrasound?