Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finding out we were Pregnant!

It was a rainy Thursday, March 31,2011 to be exact and I was three days late on my period!! I was talking with a friend at work and told her that I thought this month could of been it! She encouraged me to just take a test. So at lunch, I went to Walgreens. Ran through the pouring down rain and walked to the aisle that I have been down so many times! But I had a feeling this trip was different. I picked up a pack of First response pregnancy test and nervously drove home. As soon as I got home I ran to the bathroom and peed on the stick. I closed my eyes and waited for the results, being such a nervous wreck I peeked at that test and long behold the positive line was there before the negative line even had time to appear!! I threw the test on the ground and screamed! I was all alone and started pacing around the house with the largest grin in the world! I felt like a giddy 5 year old who just got an adorable puppy! I immediately called  the daddy to be to share the good news, unfortunately he was unable to answer because he was in a class for work. Being so excited, I just had to tell someone so I called Aunt Katie ( my childhood best friend) and spilled the beans. We both screamed on the phone! I think she was just as excited as I was about the news! We talked for awhile and then Kevin called, I clicked over to answer and finally tell him the wonderful news! As I was telling him on the phone, I had also sent him a text message of the picture of the postivite pregnancy test. He looked down saw the picture and could not believe his eyes. As I was telling him, he thought I was kidding because it was the day before April Fool's Day. Finally, he realized I was not kidding. When I got off of work that day I went straight to Books A Million  and purchased the book "Pregnancy Day by Day " for me and the book  " Dude, Your going to be a dad" for him. So when he finally got home from work I had the book and the postive pregancy test waiting for him on the kitchen table. He was still in disbelief, but completely ecstatic. He said that he just wanted to stand on the top of the highest building and yell to everyone that he is going to be a dad!! Since we were both bursting to share the good news we decided to have our immediate family over that night to let them in on our new exciting secret. My dad, sister , his parents and sister ( Missy)  all came over and we were able to tell them the baby news! Everyone was so excited! Aunt  Devonee cried her eyes out when she got the news, she was so very excited! I called my mom earlier that day and shared the news. She was relieved she finally gets to be a grandma! Everyone gave us there blessings and congratulations! Our family was growing by one and everyone was so thrilled to be a part of it! We always knew when the day came that we found out we were expecting would be amazing but never did we think just how amazing it truly is to find out you are going to be a mommy and daddy! We are giving our thanks to God!

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